Our Mission

Create value intended to be reinvested in the countries in which we operate, after fair compensation for our shareholders, either in the improvement of existing units or in development-oriented and socially responsible projects.

Our Values: L.E.A.D.E.R.

LEADER : consists for us, in all circumstances, in conquering or maintaining a sustainable position of leader

COMMITMENT : for us, it means going to the end of our actions, despite the obstacles and over time, until the expected results are obtained

PERMANENT IMPROVEMENT : reflects our desire to constantly reassess our practices and behaviors with a view to permanent progress

DIVERSITY : expresses our respect for the different cultures and environments in which we manage our projects

ETHICS : translates all the moral principles that we set ourselves, including humility that guides our conduct and our actions

RESPONSIBILITY : consists for us of contributing positively to the sustainable development of the countries and regions where we operate