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Country : Burkina Faso
Acquired : 24 June 1998
Number of employees : 3000
Sector : Agribusiness
Website :
La Nouvelle Société Sucrière de la Comoé, or SN SOSUCO, is a public-private partnership based in Banfora, Comoé Province, south-western Burkina Faso.

It specialises in :
  • sugarcane cultivation and the manufacture of light brown and refined sugar (granulated and cubed)
  • the packaging and sale of sugar to domestic and international markets,
  • new crop testing,
  • the recovery and sale of sugar by-products such as pharmaceutical alcohol, produced from molasses.

With a workforce of over 3,000, including 800 permanent staff, 400 seasonal workers and more than 1,800 day workers, SN-SOSUCO is Burkina Faso’s largest private employer.

The company’s operations have a direct economic impact on the development of the town of Banfora and the entire region.

Situated on a concession of  10,000 hectares, SN SOSUCO currently farms around 4,000 hectares, supplying its factory with some 300,000 tons of cane per year.

As supplement to annual rains, the cane is irrigated by an 18 x 18 irrigation system pivot front-mounted spray booms and micro irrigation.

Water is fed by gravity from the Comoé, Toussiana and Lobi dams and surrounding lakes.
Industrial operations
The plant produces granulated sugar from sugarcane and comprises a sugar mill, a refinery, and maintenance facilities. A portion of this sugar is moulded and pressed into sugar cubes.
The plant can process 2,400 tons of cane per day.
The sugar is sold on the domestic market through Sodisucre.
The sugar is produced in a variety of qualities to suit consumer tastes and purchasing power.
Corporate Responsibility
In addition to its economic benefits, SN SOSUCO provides a range of social benefits for its workers and their families, specifically :
  • a health centre equipped with laboratory and pharmacY,
  • workers’ housing at the factory site and in the town of Banfora,
  • literacy classes for workers,
  • support for the village’s cane and crop cultivation.
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